How Much Should I Charge For Babysitting?

If you love the newborns a lot and want to earn or augment your income, then babysitting is the perfect job for you. With the increased work culture, where both the parents are in some jobs, has resulted in the burgeoned demand for babysitters. But before you start working as a babysitter, there are various things that you must know. Because with the right knowledge you can be efficient and will love you work more and more. There may be many questions going through your mind like, how to become a babysitter? How much should I charge for babysitting? Is there any training or license required to become a babysitter? Or is there any minimum age to start working as a babysitter? Don’t worry we will look into every single question one by one. But first, let’s know a little bit about the babysitting.

Who Is A Babysitter?

Technically, a babysitter is a person who temporarily takes care of children when the child’s parents or guardians are not present, and the process is called babysitting. These babysitters handle the planning of various activities like art, sports, games, etc. or do the supervision of play dates. Although, some of the babysitters may have to perform extra works such as cleaning and cooking, helping children with their homework or driving children to and from the school or from scheduled activities. But above all, a babysitter’s primary responsibility is the well-being and safety of the children for the whole duration when he/she is taking care of them.

In general, the majority of the babysitting jobs are part-time ones and are paid on hourly basis. You are completely allowed to negotiate your pay if you feel that you are not getting paid as per your experience and the hard work. If you feel that the family is not getting agreed to pay you the expected amount, there are various sources available on the internet that have a babysitting rates calculator. You can use these babysitting rates calculator to show the families the average hourly rate other parents are paying the babysitters in your area or the town. You can also show them about the qualifications you possess and for that qualification how much other babysitters are getting paid with the help of these calculators.

While you are in discussion with any family for the babysitting job, it is highly recommended that you ask the family about their earnings and taxes. The reason behind asking these details is, there are chances that you may have to pay taxes on the incomes you are earning. If you do not have much knowledge about the taxes and related things, you can surf the internet to get one. Whatever you do, but make yourself fully aware of all the taxpaying processes and eligibility criteria for the babysitters to pay taxes. You can also find the valuable information about the babysitting taxes on your state’s website, or you can also go to for more information.

Also, you should clear every single doubt and questions you have in your mind with the family during the interview only. Do not hesitate to ask about the babysitting schedules and the rates and their expectations from their babysitter. Doing so will make your babysitting jobless troublesome, and you and the family can develop more trust and understanding.

License For Babysitters

Babysitting is one of those jobs that has a lot of fun, is interesting and also is an easy way to earn money. Mostly, there are no requirements to become a babysitter, but there are some places where a license is mandatory before you can work as a babysitter. So, let’s look at the ways you can get it.

1. The first criterion is your age. You should be at least 11 years old to become a licensed babysitter as it is a job of huge responsibility.
2. You can talk to your parents about your interest in babysitting, so that, if you are old enough you can be enrolled in a babysitting class by them.
3. It is most important that you gain enough knowledge about babysitting. To do this, you can read books based on babysitting, watch videos; you can also consult your friends about the same to get advice.
4. The best way you can learn about babysitting by helping your mother out in taking care of your younger siblings if any. Or you can also go to any friend or relatives place and give a hand in taking care of their child. You can treat this as training for yourself, before getting any professional experience.
5. Taking a babysitting class is one of the best ways to learn about it. You can either go to Red Cross for the training, or there are numerous hospitals in your area that provide babysitting training. And while taking classes, don’t be afraid in asking questions if you have any doubt and also listening is the key to great knowledge. So listen properly as you cannot afford to miss anything during your babysitting classes.

How Much To Charge For The Job?

This can be a little challenging for you; especially when you are new in the area. It can sometimes be uncomfortable when you get a chance to work for your close relatives or friends. Therefore, it is essential that you charge in a way that you get the fair rates for your work and at the same time you do not undervalue yourself as a babysitter. So, let’s look at some of the steps that can be helpful for you while going for the babysitting job.

1. Look for the minimum wages for the babysitters in your area. Because as the job may be an informal or the casual one, but still you should get what you deserve. Also, do not forget that babysitting is a job, and hence, you cannot undervalue yourself at any cost.
2. If you have to babysit more than one child, charge according to that. Once you have discussed your hourly rates, you must adjust it based on other factors. With the increase in the headcount, you can charge an additional amount per hour. If for example, you have to babysit four children, then it should reflect on your hourly rates. Do not undervalue yourself in any circumstance.
3. Not only according to the headcounts but also according to the ages, your charges must vary. As the teenagers require less effort as compared to the toddlers or infants, you can charge a little higher for the infants. Doing so will be a good adjustment for you.
4. The most important point you should keep in mind while fixing your hourly rates is your experience and reputation. If you are a newbie to the job, and you do not possess much experience, there are no chances that you can charge high. But slowly and gradually, as your experience burgeons, you start getting regular clients through references; you can go for higher rates. Getting regular references increase your reliability and with this increased reliability you can ask for higher charges.

In 2014, the average hourly rates for the babysitting were $13.50. But again, these rates may vary widely and can depend on various numbers of factors. For example, if you are residing in a big city, there are chances you can charge more as compared to the rural areas or the suburbs. So, if you are in cities like San Francisco, you can charge up to $16.55 per hour. On the other hand, if you in MI, Grand Rapids, etc. your charges can be around $11.31 per hour.

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