Step – by – step solution to help your baby not cry at night

Do you think that a best pack n play with bassinet can help your baby sleep well all night without crying? Maybe it is true, but not exact. For the reasons why, there are still some others making your child not feel comfortable enough to go to sleep easily. In this article, we will guide you step – by – step solution to get the no – cry sleep.

The first step: Adjust the temperature of your baby body.

When the body temperature decreases about one degree Celsius, the baby will automatically feel sleepy so that parents should let them take a shower one hour prior to the bedtime or after the solid food meal, the breastfeeding. If it is cold, mothers can use a fan to help their sleep. Due to the condition and situation, parents should flexibly change the method to encourage your babies go to sleep easily.

The second step: light adjustment

After giving bird for about 5 days, your infant can distinguish between the day and night. Under the affection of sunlight, the biological clock of baby will automatically run. From that point, based on the light environment that parents can adjust, the baby will set up his or her daily routine in regularly. If you form a routine of waking the baby up in 6 – 7 o’clock in the morning, let them have a walk during 8 – 9 o’clock for sunbathing (due to each season to adjust the time). For the nap, let the noise and light be free instead of cover the window with curtains to allow the baby not to make mistake of the night sleep. At night, at about 8 o’clock, you should decrease the light level and lullaby them. If your baby is trained this good routine right from the time they are just an infant by distinguish the day and light through light adjustment, the biological clock of your baby will work correctly and regularly.

The third step: Keep the good routine and train your baby as early as possible.

If you have the goal of taking good routines on your baby (for those who are more than one year old), such as waking up at 7am, going to bed at 8pm, taking a nap for about 1 – 1.5 hours a day, the time for eating, for playing, you should follow it till the end. Especially, you should arrange the suitable time for mother and baby to experience the real moments of walking around the park during 9 -10 o’clock, playing together, allowing them to play with the other children, relaxing in the afternoon or have a walk and prevent your baby from sleeping in those times not the sleeping time. If you want you let them play with the smartphone, laptop or TV, just about 30 minutes a day and no more. In additionally, parents and children should spend time together to talk, to share, to play because those are the times that your children can feel the safety and peacefulness thanks to their parent’s love.

To help your baby go to bed easily, sometimes, you need to get a few tips and tricks such as reading novels before the bedtime, allowing them to see the stars and moon in the sky as the signals to go to bed.

Above is the detailed instruction for parents to soothe their baby to sleep well in addition to the no – crying sleep solution at night. Just following these three simple steps and you can feel free of worry about your baby’s sleep as well as health.

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