Everything pregnant women should know about the 4-week fetus

If you have not tested, does a pregnancy test right now. You can buy the test strips in supermarkets or drugstores with modest prices that can still have the exact results as the products that doctors use. Some couples record images when they get tested. This image will become a cute celebration, especially when they are looking forward to a positive result, and they are like that.

The first month of pregnancy, in the period of four weeks, they were able to officially measure the size of the fetus. Measure the length from tip to toe, at first, may sound reasonable, but it is not very precise. Whether it is just in the 4-week-old stage, the baby in your body is still curled, and parts that will later develop into legs are flexed. The standard regulation when measuring the size of the fetus on the ultrasound screen is measured from the baby’s crown to rump. The average size at four weeks is about 5-6 mm. This time, the baby’s head is still huge compared to the body but can see the small creases on the face and jaw. The side body appears small shoots; it is the hands and feet later. Both sides started the small cavities are formed, which later becomes the baby’s ear canal. Eyes and nose begin to take shape.

Changes in the body condition during 4-week pregnancy

You may feel the same symptoms as last week, just more severe. You may vomit more, more sensitive to smell, fatigue and general loss of energy is felt. Be patient and do not try to fight the laws of nature.

You might feel very tired or in other words like so famished away. Some women at this time starting with appetite, even crave the foods that they previously never thought possible. Meats, fish and seafood, fruits and even ice to chew on, as some items may be cited here. Please continue to seek information to know why cravings common in this phase.

Your breasts and nipples can become more and more sensitive. You can see it appear blue on the chest, is due to the internal veins swell, and the chest can increase the size to speed very quickly in this period. Nipples may turn the darker color and the moment that you begin to choose a bra to create maximum comfort for you.

You may notice vaginal secretions more. If it’s too much, smelly, and make you itch, you should go to the doctor for tests. Fungal infections are a common condition in pregnancy when hormone levels are increasing rapidly, and there are changes from bacterial systems as well as environmental pH in the vagina.

You may feel the need to swallow more. Some pregnant women find the body produces more saliva than normal, so they must constantly swallow. This is perfectly normal, and it will be fine in the following weeks.

Some complained of headaches from about the 4th week of pregnancy. If you are like that, try not to take medicine, be resolved by other means, and such as lying down to rest, eat something good for health, strengthen water amount in the body, or take a warm bath. Massage the scalp at this time could be very effective.

If you have never had a child, at this stage, you can feel like your clothes suddenly cramped than in the lower back and chest. This is not due to increase fetal size because this time the fetus is still hidden below your pelvic area, which is only due to the general enlargement of your body.

The changes in the baby

This week your baby looks like a tiny tadpole. Still large head, tiny body with small buds will grow into the legs of the latter. However, there is nothing to worry; this shape will not last long because many of the major changes will take place every day of the week in this 4th week, even when you are sleeping.

Could see the baby’s heartbeat through ultrasound vaginal and if counted, it would be about 80 beats / minute (80 BPM).

The vital organs are being formed in the shape of tiny it. Although very small, it still has enough space for the liver, kidneys and even the lungs. Whether you are feeling tired, there is still a lot of your energy constantly being moved on to the baby grow.

This is the week that jaw, chin, and even the baby’s cheeks began to form. Of course, also tiny, but they will grow quickly from this week.

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