Some tips to get the best pregnancy pillows and how to use them

Pregnancy is a difficult stage especially if you’re a first-time mother. One way of making things easier for yourself is by getting a pregnancy pillow. There are many different pillows available today and if you would like to get one of the best, then go for the Comfort-U Body Pillow. There are a few others too. Click here for more best pregnancy pillows. Be sure to read reviews of the pillows before making a purchase.

It’s only natural that you want to get the best. Here are a few of the qualities which the pregnancy pillow you’re looking for has to have:

  • Size: These cushions come in some different sizes. It’s important for you to choose the right size or you won’t be able to make the most of it. Look for a cushion which can fit your belly and your body. This will make you feel better while you sleep.
  • Components: There are various fillings which pillow manufacturers can use while making these products. That’s why it is so important for you to know what’s inside. The price is also going to vary based on the filling type inside the pillow. You should pick the filling which you’re most comfortable with or get a hypoallergenic pillow if you’re sensitive. This may cost a little more, but it will be worth it.
  • Comfort level: One of the main reasons to buy a pillow is so that you have something which provides support to your back or belly while you’re asleep. The U-shaped pillow is quickly becoming a favorite among women since they don’t need to switch pillows when they change positions. This is certainly something which you should consider too.
  • Dual-purpose: This means you need to get a pillow which provides you support not only when you’re pregnant but also after you’ve given birth. This is something worth checking out for sure. There are some different qualities of pillows here too. So ensure you consider quality as well.

These are some of the main qualities for you to consider when investing in pregnancy pillows. Ensure you consider the brand of pillow you are buying as well since that will have an important role to play in giving you support and comfort.

Aches and pains are quite common in pregnant women. Insomnia is a big problem too. The good thing, however, is that with a pregnancy pillow, you can get the kind of comfort you need to ease these aches and pains.

How do you buy the right pillow?

Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes like O, C, U, and I. Every type of pillow can provide relief to separate parts body parts. For example, U-shaped pillows have a dip on one arm and are enlarged on the other. This provides with the perfect belly and back support. If you’re looking for the hip and lower back support, you can put the U the correct side up.

Before making a purchase, you need to figure out which part of your body needs the maximum support. If you are not sure, ask your doctor for recommendations. Don’t forget to tell your doctor about any of the problems which you may be suffering from.

Once you’ve figured out which pillow to buy, get one right away. Test it before making the purchase make sure it’s the right choice for you. If possible get a pillow that you can return if you are not satisfied.

The right way to use a pillow

You need to lie on your left to prevent the uterus from exerting too much pressure on your liver. Sleeping on the left also means your baby will get the maximum nutrients while you are asleep.

Once in this position, you need to bend your knees a little and pull them towards your belly to be comfortable. Then bend your knees so that your heart can work easily and blood gets transported throughout your body without much resistance.

After you’ve bent your knees, put the pillow between them. To minimize pain in your back, you should put the pillow below your abdomen. To support your neck and ensure your spine stays straight, you can rest your head on a pillow.


This is the place that you do not just find the advice of how taking care of pregnant women, some tips on how to balance and help you to not only providing the best condition for the babies but also look after for both mother and kids.

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